Old to new . . .

Well it is all in good fun the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle. I imagine bottles as vases and hand-me -down clothing. But this week I added another word to that list: Refresh. we managed to turn one old item into a lovely new item. We had an old bedside table given to us by a friend. 
 It never rubbed me entirely the right way, and I almost passed it on several times. But my daughter liked it, it has a secret writing table that slips out the side, so I decided to give it a new life. My daughter and her friend worked hard painting it blue, and the dog and their hair too . . .
Then I took my paintbrush and some leftover orange-sample paint, to do the rest. Unfortunately my five-year-old slid his hand along the paint which created smudging, but what can you do?
 I added her name, because when your eight years old, there is nothing more exciting than having something with your name on it written in cursive.
                                                                     Anyway, cheers to everyone ~ Marica Thompson

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