Passing Items On . . .

I have this tricky piece of me that has a hard time letting go of special things. This can range between a perfectly shaped jar, to a handmade gift for one of our kids. Every now and then I get the urge to cleanse my weary home, and make space for the undeniable sense of sanity it brings. It is a fine balance for me, I have gotten rid of things and regretted it, and I have kept things for years, only to finally throw them into the waste bin, because they really had no need for me, or me for them. I do think handmade is the hardest. Either I, or somebody else, poured hours into a perfect something, with only that very loved child in mind. Knitting truly means hours and hours of needle clicking and careful counting and delicate stitching . . . But I have thought about it, as adults my children won’t want to be bombarded with box after box of handmade items. Oh they will get plenty, but it probably is more considerate on my part, if I reduce that number by a bit. 
 So the other day, when I was invited to a clothing swap, I took advantage of this occasion to pass on a couple of the hard to part with items.  Above is a sweater I had knit several years ago as a christmas gift. The buttons had been given to me by my mother-in-law, she had found them at a  button-store in Portland  Oregon. The sweater was charming on, but a bit on the scratch side. Still it was fairly well worn considering it was thick threaded wool and we live in a warm climate. Below is a christmas dress I made a couple of years ago. It was truly fancy, which was my goal, and looked amazing on, with puffed sleeves and all . . . 
It helps when you know the person you are passing things on to. It is a bridge between saving and getting rid of stuff. I love to make thing, so I had better learn to let go of them . . . 
                                                                          ~ Marica

One Comment

  1. they both are so cute and I cn understand how hard is give them away but you're right..if you know the person you are giving them away…it's easier!!!


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