Leftovers become dinner . . .

There is something so absolutely satisfying about making something from leftovers or scraps. During this house project we have had many random bits leftover, but most were from the deconstruction of a very worn home, and had to be tossed to the dumpster gods. But there was a pile of new, pine, tongue in groove boards, short pieces left over from the kid’s room floor, stacked neatly outside, only being kept company by several black widows and forlornly awaiting their use. Firewood is a logical bet, but the wood was so good it would have been a waste of raw meat of a tree. So my mind would tic and tok, running ideas through, debunking them, rearranging them, sorting them . . . play house floor? tree house floor?? random paneling in the house??? okay, fire wood??? TABLE!!! ??? No, none was fitting enough for the short lengths and number left. Finally, and what had been a back-around idea much of the time, planter pots made sense. 
 It turned out to be a simple thing to construct, and the fitting boards that slip so purposely into place gave it a nice, finished look.
 I am very happy with the outcome and can wait to fill them with tall growing bamboo, 
or some sort of screening plant.
 The second dinner-from-leftovers happened due to some fabulous, free worms given to me by a local person in my town (yogurt container below). I had planned on building a compost and getting worms, but there are soooo many things on the list of build, make, buy, redo . . . it can make my head spin, although for the most part it makes me feel like a giddy child with a brand new art set. Anyway, suddenly I have this container of new squirmy friends that I don’t want to release into the yard because I want to glean their productive activity and multiplying ways in only a human’s way of controlling everything. So I almost gave up one of my newly built planters to the worm crew, when I realize it really would be better to convert our extra trash can into a compost bin. 
 Worms need moist, dark, cool environments, so I drilled some holes into the sides to give them air, 
filled the bottom with weed infested dirt, added water, coffee grounds, leftover
 food and finally the squirmy beasts.
  I set the can in a shady place behind the house to help block the heat. 
I am very excited to see how productive these little soil machines are.

                             Happy Weekend ~ Marica

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