Ocean and sand . . . a perfect day at the beach . . .

I rarely, rarely make it to the beach. We live very close, only thirty-five minutes or so, 
but it still always feels like such an expedition . . .  
Usually for me, there are many deterrents, crowds on a beach make me feel like I mine as well be at the park . . . but this image below almost makes me change my mind . . . 
And although the sand is sandy, today it was just sand and I didn’t mind . . . 
My feet plunged in, and who can say that isn’t close to perfect . . . Just like the foamy water . . .
And the jumping waves . . . (I actually played in the waves, something I haven’t done forever)
 The sinking sand under my feet . . . 
 Watching my five year old making his own acquaintance with the salty, impulsive water . . .
 And my bigger kids renew their connection . . .
It made me want to come again, not stay such a stranger to something so beautifully close at hand.


  1. I think the ocean is more private than any other crowded place, maybe because the ocean is so loud it hides all other noise… I love it!


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