July . . .

On a very hot July day, what is possibly better than a trip to the river?
My parents live up in the mountains, across two creeks, up a mile of dirt road . . .
. . . dusty, dusty in the summer . . . 

 But once at the river . . . a quiet clear stillness . . . 
 Only a canyon can have . . . 
Then hurrying back down the mountain to build a ladder in the dark
 So we can climb on our roof . . . 
To watch the forth of July fireworks . . . 

                                                                                                                ~ Marica


  1. Hi Marcia! Thanks for the lovely comments you have left on Apples and Pears. I love your blog here and I'm particularly interested in your gluten free recipes. I'm gearing up to go gluten free…..I know from past experience that I feel so much healthier when I lose gluten. So I will be be trying out some of your delicious recipes! xxx


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