Simple Cheesy Wontons

My sister in law is from Japan, and her cooking is something we all talk about, and reference, and think about, and look forward to. She has a touch, which she disregards and shrugs off as nothing, that is like glitter in water. She turns “lunch” into a magnificent, million course, expedition from noodle soup to chopped salads that I am afraid I cannot give justice to in words. One thing she has made on occasion, and although I have no idea if this is how she does it, I replicate at indulgent moments when cheesy and oily and salty are nothing I feel like scoffing at. (Not to say her food is even remotely cheesy, oily and salty, only this snack holds these qualities . . . ) Anyway, late the other evening, the indulgence was simmering, and I could feel cheesy wontons rearing their heads. I highly recommend not eating too many too late in the evening, or you might wake the next morning, frowning at your stomach and shaking your head at your own lack of will power. 
Cheesy Wontons:
Buy pre-made wonton wraps,
cut triangles of strong cheese
heat a cast iron pan and oil lightly
brown on both side at let cheese melt entirely . . .
 I assume these would be good dipped in mustard although I keep forgetting to try it.
                                                                                     Best ~ Marica


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