Pause for the Bunnies . . .

When you are building a house it is probably not the time to choose to get bunnies . . .
Our three day hutch was my insistent “Oh we can build this in a an afternoon” kind of whim that lengthened and leghthened until eventually, yes, the hutch was done. From what I understand, rabbits like cool weather, which is something here in our hot Californian area, we don’t boast. Luckily, our left over bags of pole mix called out to be used, and the forming of our new bunny’s home became an experiment of adobe-like mud play. 
 I can’t tell you how much fun it was to smear mud . . .

And the satisfaction as the walls grew into a home. It was something like a perfected mud pie. . .
The roof is a 4′ x 4′ piece of plywood covered in salvaged shingles from very dilapidated shed . . .
Mudded over to create a cave . . . 
The finished effect was what we were aiming for, and I hope it keeps the sweet fuzzy beasts cool enough this summer.
                                                      Best to Everyone ~ Marica


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