In the House . . .

We are in!!! Sort of . . .
Whirl winds might seem calm in comparison to what has been stirring around here. Bathroom, kitchen, yard and every single thing else has been spinning with activity. I washed the living room floor for the first time last night because up until then, there was almost no point. My whole of me is still ecstatic, but the dregs of waking up to no socks, no stove for tea, no real food . . . it has a toll that at least I can keep reminding myself is temporary. I hope to get a little more set up, and then I will post a more in depth account of the carryings on. 
Until then, best wishes ~ Marica
P.S. For some reason the photos are not uploading with quality, so please excuse the graininess. 


  1. Sounds like you are one busy lady! Best of luck with the rest of your transition and projects to make the new place fully comfortable and livable!I can't wait to see everything come together and completed!


  2. You have been busy! Glad you are getting close to getting settled. We did a major house renovation and it was a chaotic time – but well worth it in the end.


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