Easter . . .

Well a few weeks ago I had big Easter plans . . . sweet fabric to make a dress for my daughter, wool for making needle felted rabbits, a brand new cookie cutter to make bunny shaped chocolates . . . the list may even go on, but alas, this last week has been a scurrying hurrying ball of new house fun/work and none of those things happened . . .  we only just barely scrapped together time to dye eggs . . .
 Last minute I resigned myself to bought bunnies and pastel wrapped Hershey kisses. I felt a mixed vigor of diapointment and odd enjoyment at how catalogue the table looked . . .
Today however I dove into Easter cooking and produced a very lovely brunch . . . With hot-cross-buns . . .
 And chocolate vanilla striped cake. . .
I made modeling chocolate for sculpting the bunnies, something I had never done before, but have been aching to try after watching way too many episodes of Cake Boss
The bunnies came out remotely acceptable, but I feel a few more tries are in order. . . 
The buns however were heavenly . . .


  1. your brunch looks so rustic and perfect! I made hot cross buns one year, back in high school I think. I meant to do so again this year, but I forgot! I'm glad yours turned out well though!


  2. I am sure everyone in the house were happy with all the effort you put into cooking this delcious Easter brunch and with their bought chocolate. We live in a world where the clock seem to be spinning, so we do not alwyas succeed in doing all the things we want. I bet your Easter was a wonderful one xx


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