Bits of around here . . .

Well french toast is always an order around here. Not that we have it all the time, but there are hungry creatures that come out of the woodwork when french toast is being served on our table. This last batch that I made I decided to use Molly Wizenberg’s, who wrote A Homemade Life, advice on generous oil in the pan rather than cooking the toast in butter.
I had mixed feelings on the results: Although the bread did seal better . . . which was 
her guidance . . . the flavor was of oil rather than butter . . . 
Hmm . . . I’ll have to test it again to get better aquatinted. 
A tid bit of weaving has begun. I like seeing my seven-year-old hard at work . . .
Choosing colors . . . designing in her mind . . .
Then putting them in action . . .
We got a bocce ball set . . . 
Everyone had lots of fun . . . 
But my secret enjoyment was taking pictures of their darling 
feet and the beautiful colored balls . . .
                                                                                    Happy Friday ~ Marica


  1. see… as a French I have always been puzzled : why do they call these FRENCH toasts ? we call them “pain perdu” here in France 😛 !
    Lovely weaving ! it is good to see children involved in handmade !
    but looking at your profile photo I just can't believe you have a 7yo girl !!!


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