At the river . . .

Spring is registering. We are getting the sunshine, yet leaves and grass are still green. The river is pumping with water and gushing frothy, excited bubbles down its center, over rocks and around the spindly willows that grow in its shallows. We made our way to its shore, not yet decided whether we wanted to swim in the still chilly water, or just wade to our knees. 
As a kid, it was one of my favorite moments when the weather was warm enough to swim yet the current was strong enough to send you down stream. I’d jump in and let the pull take me as far as it would go. Today we tested the waters, climbed the rocks, and my ten-year-old and I rode the jolly swiftness . . . much to our shivering delight . . .
A Mama and Papa duck landed . . .
 And we even got to see them duck their heads under and stick their feet skyward . . .
I wished for my camera over and over . . .
Spring was in the air . . . and we were here to enjoy it!



  1. Marcia, are these your paintings? They are beautiful and whimsical. You may not have had your camera but these paintings capture the moment.


  2. oh my ! these watercolors are yours ?!! woohoo I'm speechless ! extremly good !!!!!! love them ! are you a child book illustrator or something ?


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