For the Love of Mistakes . . .

I often love when I make a mistake. It usually adds an unusual twist or pleasant surprise to a project that would have otherwise been simple ~ perhaps even dull. When a mistake is made, it has to be fixed, and it is during that fixing that some of the best ideas come out.
Just recently, in making a skirt for my daughter, I had a simple three-piece triangle image in my mind. Once executed it was boring. I decided the key would be to run a ruffle around the bottom to give it more flare. I quickly trotted down to the store to find some eyelet, but once there, was much inspired by some creamy, crocheted like edging. Due to its pricy-ness, I only bought a yard thinking the bottom of the skirt couldn’t possibly be wider then thirty-six inches. Upon returning home, I indeed found the skirt’s bottom hem was several inches wider. I moved the edging up a bit, where the circumference wasn’t as wide, and began to stitch. Being who I am, I didn’t measure first, and found upon completing the round, my stitching had to stop within just one inch’s distance from the other end of the crocheted edging. How unfortunate and bothersome. But my luck was that I still had a small scrap left of the skirt fabric. I gathered and stitched this last scrap into a flower . . .attached it where the gap was gaping, and stood back to check my handiwork.

 Surprise!!! What would have been an adequate skirt was now a tasteful indulgence of pleasant décor.
Hooray for the mistake and the chance to make more out of something than I had 
set out to do. This is just one example of my many experiences where I ended up 
praising the error that guided me to success.  

                                                                                                             ~ Marica


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