Making Puppets

So this project started over a week ago . . .
I had this desire to make really large puppets with paper mache heads. We all were excited, and the kids decided using an entire dowel was the way to go. I think they were right. The heads came out larger than grapefruits and the whole puppets themselves definitely have a presence to them. We started by taping crunched up news paper to the ends of the dowels. We then paper mached over to make smooth, hard heads. We added noses by taping cardboard or small balls of newspaper  to the faces. We than paper mached again to finish the effect. After drying overnight the puppets were ready to paint. 
We used acrylic paints and had to wait between the coats. Once the paint was dry we hot-glued yarn for the hair. 
I added clothes. Everybody else is still at the head stage, but I’m not sure when they will actually finish so I am posting this as is.
All in all, it was a very fun project. My favorite part was how everyone’s puppets came out so different.
                                                             ~ Marica


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