Little Bits of Around Here . . .

Picked up this book yesterday . . . I wanted some light hearted reading. Last book I was getting through contained too much harsh reality. I like to be put in my place, realizing my fortune in having a roof, dinner, water for heaven sakes . . . the things I don’t count when I roll out of bed and pull my jeans on. But sometimes it’s mellow enjoyment that needs to be attained.
Was given a 1992 copy of Architectural Digest featuring the ultimate David Bowie at his home in a place where, as the article stated, “the rich go to be rich together . . .”
This part of his house was truly awesome though . . . imported from Indonesia none the  less, but hey Bowie deserves the best, right? 
Still holding my breath . . . while breathing of course . . . hoping, not counting, on a plan that will fill my days with work, but such a fun sort of project . . . elbow grease anyone?
Ending the day with yet another tart . . . don’t worry I’ll stop posting tarts soon . . . it’s just that I had extra crust in the freezer begging to be used . . .
                                          Hope all is well ~Marica


  1. Love the book! The perfect combination of reading material is one part harsh reality and one part lighthearted goodness. Well done.

    Have a gorgeous week!



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