Yesterday . . . tart . . . and a few keys to lentil soup . . .

I started this post yesterday and didn’t quite make it over the hump of finishing it . . .
It’s funny, I am actually feeling stumped as what to write today. Usually I like to indulge myself in a short, visually satisfying blip . . . a squeak of a moment . . . a recipe I was happy with. In reference to today though, I feel like my life has been moving so fast, the dust is settling just a bit, yet I haven’t quite settled with it. I was excited, I am excited, but I’m not engaged with myself. I feel off track by a fifth of a centimeter. I guess that’s enough to make the wheels squeak. 
                                                                     MARICA  NATALI  THOMPSON  2008
On the simple pleasures side, I found some keys factors in making a delicious lentil soup:
A dash of dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon juice . . .
the following photo is of my visit to Blueberry Lemon Tart Heaven . . .  This amazing tart was made by my mother in law. Superb, perfect, and simply so delicious. 
Hope all is well out in the world all over everywhere ~ Marica


  1. lentil soup is so delicious and comforting. you always inspire me with your delicious recipes. i must not linger on that blueberry tart though. it is just too tempting. I need to lose my winter fat! ^-^
    happy week end to you.
    oh, your drawing is simply beautiful!


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