Rainy Friday Afternoon . . .

Rainy days can just make my day. The vibrant life that begins to flow as the rain falls
 washes away more than just dust and debris . . .Wash me anew dear rain and let me move forward with the flowing gutters and silt-en rivers . . . Quench the plants their thirst and empty the sky of the collected smog. 
A perfect day to indulged myself in a magazine . . .
Ever since I first found Belle Armoire existed I have been waiting to buy a copy. I have to say, as pleasing as it is to the eye ~ and it does inspire, that’s a fact ~ It’s still a tad shy of truly interesting. Who is going to finally put together an all inspiring masterpiece of bimonthly print?
     And tea and a waffle . . . simply put, tea and a waffle need I say more?


  1. what lovely photos!

    and no, I haven't read the prodigal summer yet, but I want to! the only other thing I've read by kingsolver so far is “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,” which is also very good!


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