Sweet Potato Soup and Midnight Dreaming . . .

Well everyone ends up down and out with the flu on occasion. It doesn’t matter how determined you are to keep it at bay, the wearisome battle is eventually lost and we’re left, plain out sick. I could not rise off my sofa for several days, but eventually as my complete incapacitation began to wear off, my instant netflix becoming my very close friend, and my mind wandering obsessively around creating various delectable foods in my half awake state, I did grow a bit better. I could barely putt around the third day, but a deep persistence would not let me rest until I had an apple almond tart. For the most part I can’t eat wheat anymore, it leaves me feel far from well, so my only solution was to make one. Brilliantly enough, it came out just right and quenched my dire need. (Recipe Soon)
Another one of my grazing thoughts was of a sweet potato soup. I actually pulled it into person this evening and was pleasantly satisfied by the results, although it practically drove me to distraction (as Jane  Austin would have written, I was watching Pride and Prejudice while in the doldrums) because my blending wand’s motor plum over heated. 
Sweet Potato Soup
Wash, pierce with a fork, cut off the ends and bake at 400 degrees
 until well cooked about 40 minutes.
 In a large pot saute until carrots are soft:
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small onion diced
3 large carrots diced
Add and saute several more minutes:
1 cup corn
4 cups chicken broth
1 cup So Coconut milk or cream 
1/4 cup agave or more to taste
1+1/2 teaspoons salt or more to taste
black pepper to taste
zest of 1 orange
the cooked sweet potatoes peeled
A drip of balsamic vinegar 
Blend the soup until smooth.
Garnish with paprika or cayenne 
green onions diced or pepper flakes.
                                              Good Health to Everyone ~Marica


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