Chocolate Truffles

One thing I have learned about making chocolate truffles is don’t stress. The first couple of times I made them I followed a recipe thinking it was a sacred process. But now, with a little history in my wake, I realize throw the frickin’ ingredients together and something will appear. And that something, I might add, is chocolate truffles. The only huge mistake would be to add too much milk or cream because then they would be runny and no longer fall under the truffle umbrella.

Main ingredients are, but may be widely deviated from are:
Chocolate large dark bars are my favorite, but any bar will due
Heavy Cream although I have used milk, half and half, forgotten it, or used coconut milk if they were dairy free
Butter dairy free could be coconut butter or even almond butter
And than depending upon your mood add vanilla or peppermint-oil, cinnamon, orange-oil or rind or cayenne . . .
Lastly and most important is unsweetened cocoa powder! I realized tonight while making these that I didn’t have any. Luckily in my scurrying search I found raw cocoa nib. So I ground those up  and the effect was superb.

Okay to the business of making:
Melt the chocolate and butter gently. Chocolate tends to be slower to melt so start with that and when it’s half melted add the butter. My guess is 4-6 parts chocolate to 1 part butter. Once melted add a small amount of cream or whatever you have decide to use. Seriously, small amount. Perhaps an 1/8 part cream. Add last options such as peppermint-oil, or cayenne . . .
Pour into a large container or glass dish lined with parchment paper. Cool until hard. Now cut into squares and roll gently in the unsweetened cocoa powder. Viola, you have truffles . . . ! . . . and don’t you feel proud. I still do every time I make them, and I have made them so many times and realize their minimal process.

Anecdote: I once was making these in a last minute hurry, I lived in a trailer at the time and the cocoa powder, as it tends to be messy, was strew across the counter and floor. I hurried out the door unable to cleanse my poor home and didn’t return until hours later. My cat had brought in a dead rat and the place looked in shambles. It was only then that I realized my father had stopped in to fix something while I was gone. I was so embarrassed and he couldn’t pretend not to notice the disaster. It took me a long time after him seeing the place clean many more times to get over that visual pocket of embarrassment. How ridiculous to care, but I did ~ the place was unholy in its momentary state.
But oh-well, thats life, it’s always the times when your house is a mess and things have gone beyond their rightful state that visitors drop in. Cheers to irony.
                                                                                               Best wishes all ~ Marica

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