Making Christmas

We have far too few christmas ornaments to fill our tree. In years past we have always had a live tree which tend to be extraordinarily expensive hence smaller. This year, in a chaotic moment of determination, we went and purchased a cut tree, or as the kids call it “a dead tree”. I have to say, it feels like carrying a piece of salmon or meat home. I don’t like it. I do think from now on I will buy a live tree. But this year we are bound to our dead tree and making it as beautiful as possible in all its momentary glory. Lacking enough decorations, the tree’s sparse attire has been lording over our living-room. A very dear and sweet friend dropped us by some ornaments last night ~ thank you lovely you ~ and today we are attending to the problem by painting gaudy colored balls into gaudy colored funk of acrylic paint on glass. It actually is quiet fun, and I like to think it is an F-you to consumer society,
 but it is not, it is just a beating around the bush way of consumerism. Hail Rite Aid! 
Merry Cheers to everyone, and this does make a sweet last minute gift for relatives and friends.



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