Lemon Squeezing

This weekend I was cooking at one of my parent’s retreats and using a fair amount of lemon
 juice. In the past I have always cut a lemon in half and then squeezed it. Not that much juice 
would come out and I had to squeeze hard to get what I needed. This weekend however I cut 
the lemon in the other direction ~ stem end to belly button, and than lightly sliced it into four
 pieces. I left the skin attached and when I palmed the whole thing and started to squeeze sooo 
much juice immediately came pouring forth. 
Maybe Everybody has always done it this way, but for me it was a very helpful new trick. 
Thought I’d pass it on to other lemon squeezers.
Hope everyone is looking forward to a fabulous holiday.

One Comment

  1. Marica – Can you add a search bar to your site? I saw this post months ago and it took me forever to find it again! I wanted to try this lemon technique.

    Also, is there a way on your site to contact you directly? I don't see a contact button anywhere.

    Email me when you get a minute. I LOVE your site.


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