Hand Made Dollies

Hello Everyone,

I am posting this in an advertisement like fashion . . . I offer my sincere apologies : )
Over the last couple of weeks I have been making dolls for the holidays and want to let anyone
 who is interested in purchasing a doll know. I am selling them for way less than you would find 
on most online sights or catalogues. 
I need a couple days to complete a doll, so advanced notice is helpful.
I will post more available dolls soon!
Happy Holidays!!
P.S. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or you can facebook message me.


  1. Marica, I love, love, love these! I want to order 2, one for Remy and Maia. When you get a chance, please let me know the cost and how to go about “special ordering” or just having you pick one from your stock would be just fine. Maia likes red hair. Remy prefers black. Do you have a paypal account set up, so I can direct deposit? If not, I can mail you a check from Mexico (yikes!). Brian and Camille are maybe coming down in December, so I would have them bring them. If not, I'll figure something else out…LMK! xoxo Kim


  2. Thanks, Marica! Pay Pal would be best, b/c then it is an immediate direct deposit into your account. I hope it is not too much of an issue. Let me know soon, b/c I realize I have a couple of friends going back to the states as early as the 17th of this month (and one the 24th), and they can put the check in the mail from the US for me. Brian and Camille aren't coming down for x-mas after all, so I will also include shipping and handling for you to mail them to either NY or Berkeley (depending on who will be my carrier 🙂 Hopefully this is not too much of a hassle!! I think both parties are leaving the US and returning to Mexico sometime early January, so hopefully you can get them done by then. If not, I know of someone coming back in February. We won't be back until likely early spring for a visit. Okay, so the 2 dolls are officially on order. Just let me know if to pay via PP or check via US mail. Thank you! xo Kim


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